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  • Aquaflame Acrylic Flame Polishing system

    Safe & Efficient Acrylic Flame Polishing without gas cylinder storage. A reliable, safe-operating solution for your acrylic edge polishing or micro-welding needs. The Aquaflame Systems 500, 800 and 1200 systems produce hydrogen and oxygen by the electrolysis of deionized water, in the ratio such... Read More
  • Drader Injectiweld Plastic Extrusion Welder, One hand

    The Incredible one handed plastic extrusion welder! The Drader Injectiweld! RENTAL UNITS AVAILABLE! Drader Injectiweld uses heat from the welding tip to pre-plasticize the welding surface of the thermoplastic. Molten plastic is immediately injected sub-surfacely under pressure, into the weld... Read More
  • Drill and Router Bits for Plastics

    Drill and Router Bits for Plastics. High Quality durable bits including Black and Gold brand and Plexi Point. Read More
  • Hand Held quality Nippers

    Tools & Blades for Virtually Every Plastic Cutting Application. Blades sold separately. 8 models available All models feature safety locking lever operation Ergonomically designed Reduce carpal tunnel syndrome in your work place by replacing manual nippers with air powered... Read More
  • Hand-held Extruders:

    Abbeon has many quality hand-held extruders to fit your needs. Our Injectiweld and HSK lines offer unique capabilities. One hand operation makes our popular Injectiweld a top choice for quality welds without using hot air or gas. It uses heat from the welding tip to preplasticize the welding... Read More
  • Heat, Vacuum, Impulse, Foot Sealers

    We carry a large variety of Heat, Vacuum, Impulse and Foot Sealers from top brands. The Hippo is: With just two buttons, the Hippo sealer offers 3 operating modes: automatic, semi-automatic, and seal only. Its compact size and convenient operation make it ideal for applications ranging from... Read More
  • Hot Air Tools by Forsthoff

    Abbeon offers a wide variety of Hot Air Tools to fit your needs. We feature the Forsthoff line of tools, which has been recognized for over 25 years as a manufacturer of high quality tools. The line includes the popular Tube-Q handheld welder; Compact Mini-Electronic welder, in-line hot air... Read More
  • Hot Knife Cutters:

    Abbeon has a variety of reliable hot knife cutters (or Thermocutters) to fit your needs. Some models, such as our Zetz-24 and 25 offer industrial hot knife capability with a wide variety of blades. They are designed for continuous heavy-duty operation, 110 or 240 Volts, EOAT operation and ON-OFF... Read More
  • OPUS 20 THI Temp/RH Datalogger

    Lufft offers a variety of models with internal or external sensors for recording humidity, temperature, pressure and CO2. The 8120-00 (THI) Model records Temperature and Relative Humidity. For climate monitoring and recording in buildings, air conditioning units, laboratory, cleanroom,... Read More
  • Plastic Bending Equipment

    Abbeon is your source for a wide selection of Plastic Bending Equipment. Our plastic bending equipment includes Adjustable Bending Fixtures, Heat Trays and Pneumatic Bending Tables. They can greatly increase your plastic bending production in your business. Our bending fixture allows bends to... Read More
  • Plastic Welding Rods

    All types of plastic Welding Rods for HDPE, LDPE, PP, PC, CPVC, HMWPE, TPU, ABS and more! Available in Rods, coil, and spool. Read More
  • Safety Knives and Safety Scrapers

    Abbeon Cal Inc. has a wide variety of durable Safety knives and scrapers. These feature a unique retractable blade which allows the blade to retract into the handle after leaving the cutting surface. They are ergonomically designed to work with both left and right handed users and a variety of... Read More
  • Saw Blades for Plastics

    Tenryu Saw Blades for Plastic Patent-pending design circular saw blades cut acrylics and other plastic materials smoother, cleaner and quieter than ever before... longer sharp-life, too! These new blades have “reinvented the wheel” when it comes to cutting plastics. The Innovative, “Acryc RV... Read More
  • Temperature and Humidity Dials

    At Abbeon we offer a wide variety of Temperature and Humidity dials. We have been in the business of selling high quality Durable Fischer and Lufft dials for decades. NIST certification is available. Check out our line of dials and meters and feel free to contact us! 800 922 0977. Read More
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