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  • Air Humidity Meters

    PCE Instruments' air humidity meter products measure relative air humidity, or the amount of moisture in the air. Many of our air humidity meters also measure temperature. Relative air humidity is an important factor in many industries and environments. Read More
  • Air Quality Meters

    At PCE Instruments, you will find professional air quality meters to help you meet industry standards and safety regulations. Air quality meters are used to detect and measure levels of humidity, methane, hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide, oxygen and other gases. Read More
  • Digital Temperature Meters / Digital Thermometers

    On PCE Instruments' (PCE) secure website, you will find both contact and non-contact digital temperature meter products for measuring and recording temperature. Each digital thermometer covers a different temperature range between -200 and 1767 ºC (or -328 to 3212 ºF). Read More
  • Durometers / Shore Durometers

    PCE Instruments’ durometer devices can determine the surface hardness of many different materials, including polymers, elastomers, plastics and rubbers. Each durometer or hardness tester measures the depth of an indentation in the material caused by a defined force of a given geometric presser... Read More
  • Gloss Meters / Gloss Testers

    Each gloss meter offered by PCE Instruments is easy to use, compact, solidly built and specially designed to take measurements on the spot. This makes our gloss tester products incredibly useful for measuring surfaces offsite or in the field. A gloss meter can be used on smooth, treated or... Read More
  • Hanging Scales / Crane Scales

    Shop digital, battery-powered hanging scales and crane scales from PCE Instruments (PCE). The rugged design of PCE's hanging scales accommodates applications in tough industrial conditions. Read More
  • Hygrometers / Humidity Detectors

    PCE Instruments (PCE) offers a variety of hygrometer devices, or humidity detectors, that may be used to calibrate and verify a range of humidity sensors and instruments. Read More
  • Lux Meters / Light Meters

    PCE Instruments (PCE) offers lux meter devices for checking for lighting system adequacy. Lux meters, or light meters, are used to ensure that the light levels fall within a certain level where it is bright enough but not too bright to cause glare. The proper light levels enable people to move... Read More
  • Process Calibrators

    Process calibrators are used for basic measuring, testing and regulation techniques for setting and verifying test installations and instrumentation. PCE Instruments' process calibrators are lightweight yet made of high-quality materials. Read More
  • Wood Moisture Meters

    PCE Instruments provides a diverse range of wood moisture meter products for determining absolute moisture in different wood types. Read More
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