Neutrex Celebrates 25 Years of Delivering Purging Performance

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Neutrex Celebrates 25-Year Anniversary of Purgex® Purging Compounds

with Plant Expansion, New Hire, and Record Growth

(JANUARY 2017) – “For a product category that was not widely accepted when we started up, and can still be met with skepticism by plastics processors, we are proud to be celebrating our 25th year in business stronger than ever and are looking forward to a great 2017,” said Arthur P. Haag, founder and President/CEO of Neutrex, Inc., Houston, Texas USA.

Established in 1992, Neutrex specializes in the development, manufacture, and worldwide distribution of the Purgex brand of chemically-engineered commercial purging compounds used to clean injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding machines. As the company marks a quarter-century in business, it reports record growth during the past year, fueling plant expansion and new hires.

Steven Barrantes, B.S. Manufacturing Engineering, oversees a variety of improvements as Project Engineer. As part of the expansion, a new blending unit was installed in late 2016 at Neutrex’s 20,000-square-foot facility to increase the production capacity of Purgex by 50 percent. Office space was augmented, and a fully-equipped new chemistry lab was added to supplement testing on an injection molding machine in the Neutrex technical laboratory. 

Operations Manager Kenneth Haag says that the efficiency and control systems of the new equipment will help ensure the safety of its operators, continuing the company’s 25-year accident-free record. He added that Neutrex subscribes to “5S” workplace organization methodology and lean manufacturing principles. 

Engineered to provide fast, thorough purging of plastics processing equipment with minimal scrap when changing colors or resins, Purgex is an environmentally-friendly, safe-to-use, and versatile product line, Neutrex states. Every product grade undergoes extensive laboratory testing, including Purgex 742, recently introduced for polypropylene copolymer applications, such as automotive interiors to great success. In-plant trials are offered as well for processors to test and evaluate Purgex.

“We pride ourselves in delivering industry-trusted purging performance supported by a technically-oriented sales force that understands the needs and goals of plastics processors,” Arthur Haag said.

When Arthur Haag retired from Phillips Petroleum in 1986 after a distinguished career in the plastics technology industry that included four co-awarded U.S. Patents and service in several professional organizations, his entrepreneurial spirit spurred him on to establish Neutrex. He remains active in the family-owned business with day-to-day management, strategic, financial, new product development, employee training, and international sales and marketing responsibilities.

A notable aspect of the company’s growth as it celebrates its 25th anniversary is that Neutrex has been honored for its exporting accomplishments with two “E-Star Awards” from the U.S. Department of Commerce. Purgex is sold in more than 50 countries through a worldwide network of distributors.

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