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Products by GP:50 Melt Pressure
  • Hydraulic IMH Series

    The IMH Series pressure transmitter from GP:50 Melt Pressure is designed to provide reliable operation within all melt applications, and particularly, injection molding, hydraulics and pneumatics. Read More
  • Nozzle Pressure IB Series

    The Nozzle Pressure IB Series from GP:50 Melt Pressure offers high-reliability measurements within injection molding applications. Models features all welded stainless steel construction, an enhanced diaphragm design for higher cycle accuracy and repeatability, with the further incorporation of... Read More
  • V Series

    A signature performance attribute of GP:50 Melt Pressure sensing instrumentation is its capability to maintain full service life performance accuracy. To ensure this, each transducer design incorporates a specialty tip diaphragm with a proprietary advanced matched system. This ensures that... Read More