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Industrial Equipment Supplier is an innovative online selling platform dedicated to the vertical market of Recycling. We carry generic equipment offered through our hallmark “Home of Guaranteed Discounts” program as well as brand-name products sold through our affiliate partners.

Ours is a unique website that connects seekers of industrial recycling equipment with the equipment they need. You just must visit us, tell us about your application, and together we’ll select the equipment most suitable for your needs. If it’s a brand name, you buy it directly from our affiliate partner. If it’s a generic product, you’ll buy it at a guaranteed discount rate that is music to your ears and relief to your budget.

Our audience consists of technical staff, engineers, and procurement managers from private companies and public organizations, and existing and would-be entrepreneurs in the recycling industry.

The hallmark of our website is the one-of-a-kind “Home of Guaranteed Discounts” program which offers selected products at variable discount rates all year round. The rates adjust regularly, typically monthly, and so do the participating products. Such interplay creates incentives for our audience members to visit us often to take advantage of the best possible deals.

We specialize in machinery, equipment, and processes for the recycling industry. Our expertise is particularly strong in plastics and rubber recycling. It covers processes such as shredding and grinding performed besides the press on the factory floor or in centralized locations. However, we also offer general advice in applications related to lumber, wood, and tree shredding as well as when it comes to paper and cardboard recycling.

Visitors: shop with us to benefit from:

1. Expert technical support during the selection and buying process
2. Availability of many types of recycling machines and products in one place
3. Innovative “Home of Guaranteed Discounts” program allows you to lock in the advertised discount rate, and reserve high-value equipment with a small online deposit
4. Access to brand-name recycling products and machinery sold through affiliate partners

Manufacturers: list with us to get value-added benefits:

1. FREE availability of an independent marketing channel that acts as a virtual sales agent paid on performance only
2. Increase the geographical reach of your products to a truly global audience
3. Clear your inventory conveniently

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Products by Industrial Equipment Supplier

By Industrial Equipment Supplier

Shredders reduce the size of the feedstock through the cutting action of contra-rotating shredding rollers or knife shafts. Shredders are machines characterized by low shaft rotational speed (RPM) but very high torque. Industrial shredders come in many different designs, sizes, and variations.... Read more »

By Industrial Equipment Supplier

Granulators are single-shaft machines operating at a higher rotational speed to reduce the feedstock size further. Hardened and very sharp steel knives installed on the rotating shaft cut the material while the hydraulic ram pushes the feedstock into the cutting chamber. Read more »

By Industrial Equipment Supplier

Ashredder-granulator combo unit combines a shredder with a granulator in a single, space-saving, size reduction system of great efficiency and small footprint. These features allow the combo unit to integrate easily into existing factory workshops. Read more »

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