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Rapid Prototyping (42 companies found)

  • CS Hyde Company

    Custom Conversion, Die Cutting, Laminating & Sheeting Materials
    Ultem® PEI- "The Ultimate 3D Print Surface" : Ultem®/PEI (polyetherimide) has struck the 3D printing world as a high performance building surface/platform for 3D printing beds. Ultem®/PEI offers extreme heat resistance, coupled with high mechanical strength, stiffness, UV stability, and broad chemical resistance. This combination of...
  • Exact Metrology Inc

    Metrology Services | 3D Laser Scanning Services
    Exact Metrology is an ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100 Rev D certified company that offers contract measurement & scanning services, metrology equipment solutions, and hardware & software rentals. Our goal is to provide our customers with a specifically tailored solution to their measuring needs. To...
  • Anderson Technologies Inc.

    The Anderson Difference.
    Molding Equipment: Anderson Technologies has 37 injection molding presses: vertical and horizontal, electric and hydraulic. Automated robotics, scientific process control equipment (RJG eDart System™), and strategic automation equipment are implemented as required. These enable efficient, effective, and...
  • HRSflow USA, Inc.

    Hot Runner Systems Solutions
    HRSflow (a division of INglass SpA) designs and manufactures advanced hot runner systems in the plastic injection molding for the automotive industry and for a variety of sectors, including domestic appliances, technical applications, houseware, logistics & environmental. We support our...
  • Currier Plastics Inc.

    Currier Plastics offers a full range of value-added capabilities including custom design, blow molding and injection molding, eliminating the need for multiple supply chain channels. Our medical molding specialty provides clients with 4 critical competencies: Design, Development, Clean Room...
  • Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

    3D Printing Technology - Rapid Prototyping: Some of the world’s most innovative 3D printing technologies were invented by our parent company, Stratasys. Nobody knows them better than RedEye.
  • Kolar Corporation

  • MindTribe Product Engineering, Inc.

  • KUZMA Industrial Corporation

  • ProtoCAM

    ProtoCAM is an additive manufacturing service bureau in Allentown, PA which provides services worldwide. ProtoCAM is a leading provider of value-added additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping services for customers in a wide variety of industries, including defense, aerospace, automotive,...