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  • REPI

    Colour Explorers
    Dosing Unit U2011: The u2011 dosing unit family is the latest development among the REPI electronically controlled dosing systems for thermoplastic applications. Suitable for injection moulding machines as well as extruders, it is normally fitted with gear pumps ranging from 0,06cc to 10cc. (other sizes...
  • HorizonPSI

    Our Business is Your Business
    The 2016 merger of Horizon Systems Inc. and Process Systems Inc. (PSI) created a complete source for process system engineering and equipment for Plastic producers. Whether your focus is turnkey design and installation for a new facility, adding additional lines to existing facilities, or...
  • MAC Automation Concepts Inc.

    Factory Automation Conveyor Solutions
    HEPA Controlled Environment Enclosures: MAC controlled environment enclosures maximize efficiency of cleanroom molding for a fraction of the cost of a cleanroom facility. They can enable amolder to quickly and inexpensively enter the growing medical market, add to existing cleanroom capacity or further enhance contamination control...
  • Sprinter Marking, Inc.

    Ink Code-Marking Machines
    Optional Equipment: Sprinter Marking offers a range of optional equipment for its automatic ink code-marking machines. Visit the website to learn more.
  • MSI

    Injection Molding and Molds Made in the USA
    MSI specializes in design...tooling...and manufacturing of injection molded parts. MADE IN THE USA - Plastic product design - In-house mold making - Prototype and production injection molding - Rapid lead times MSI is a certified no hoopla injection molding supplier CAD...to mold...to...
  • Proco Machinery Inc

    Automated Machinery & Auxiliary Equipment for the Blow Molding Ind.
    Flame Treatment: Most flame treaters run continuously, although it takes only a fraction of a second to flame treat each container. All Proco Flame Treaters are equipped with automatic ignition controls that ignite the flame only when required. This results in huge energy savings which will directly result...
  • Die-Sep

    The safest and easiest way to open, tip and close your molds.
    Die-Sep Mold Separation Machinery: Open, tip and close molds effortlessly. No more pry bars, sledge hammers, brass bars, manual clamps or any of the other labor intensive methods of opening and closing molds. Tipping is also safe, fast and easy! Contact the company to learn more.
  • On Line Controls, Inc.

    Motorized Potentiometer: Motorized Potentiometers are high precision proportional controls for automating analog driven devices. Each model contains a slip clutch to protect the potentiometers end stops, prevents gear train breakage, and allows for manual adjustment when motor is off. Our motor pots combine pot, gear...
  • Versa Machinery

    On-Demand Electro-Mechanical Brake and Clutch Systems: On-Demand systems allow the operator to specify a wide variety of cut lengths. Electro-Mechanical Brake and Clutch Systems are dependable, highly efficient, and provide a high level of cutting torque. These systems include the Versa Digitally Actuated Control (DAC), a microprocessor based,...
  • Harvard Factory Automation (HFA)

    HFA provides belt and roller conveyors, work-stations, automatic box-fill systems, separators, robot-guarding, under-press chutes, part-containment, cleanrooms, and other various automation equipment for plastic molding. From engineering to implementation, HFA can handle all of your part...