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1700 Chablis Avenue
Ontario, CA 91761

About Ray Products, Inc.

For more than 70 years, Ray Products has been helping our customers create thermoformed plastic parts. Using some of the most advanced machinery and materials in the business, we work with a wide variety of industries to create the parts you need.

Products by Ray Products, Inc.

By Ray Products, Inc.

One of the country’s leading hospital housekeeping management companies was developing a new version of its industry-leading remote vacuum cleaning system. They asked us for our help. Functionally, this project needed to integrate an industrial vacuum and a UV sterilization compartment into... Read more »

By Ray Products, Inc.

An aircraft parts supplier came to us with a unique challenge. They were being asked to develop a replacement for a part that was last manufactured in 1972. The original molds for the part had long since been destroyed. All we had to work with was a sample part and a full-size drawing from 1972.... Read more »

By Ray Products, Inc.

In this next-generation DNA sequencer, Ray Products manufactured 10 pressure formed parts that came together to create an aesthetically appealing enclosure. With precise molded-in details like fan ports, bezel openings, USB ports, mating edges and mating surfaces, this project was a prefect fit... Read more »

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