1/3/21- Plastics- TLB

Products by Robinson Industries Inc

  • Plastic Shipping Pallets

    Plastic pallets are durable, reusable, lightweight and cost-effective. With the right supplier, they’re also versatile. We invented reusable plastic pallets and have been making them longer than anyone. That means we have one of the largest selections of standard plastic industrial packaging... Read More
  • Plastic Industrial Packaging

    For centuries, dunnage and industrial storage and packaging came in two materials: wood for pallets and crates, largely used once and discarded; and steel for longer-lasting racks, baskets and bins. The raw materials for building them have become more and more expensive. Making them is... Read More
  • Custom Thermoforming

    Because of its versatility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, custom thermoforming is the preferred process for manufacturing reusable plastic packaging and many small- to large-scale plastic parts. In thermoforming, we heat a plastic sheet extrusion to its forming temperature and place it... Read More