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  • TriEnda

    Industry Leader in the Material Handling & Packaging Industry
    Sleeve Packs: Big Pak Sleeve Packs Featuring high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction. Lightweight for better ergonomics. Low profile minimizes storage space and reduces shipping costs. Features ISPM 15 exempt. Mirror Image pallet and lid are interchangeable. Conveyable model with lid. Options Sleeves:...
  • DUO Form Plastics

    Custom Thick Sheet Thermoforming Plastics
    DUO Form Plastics has been in business for over 50 years and is among the largest thermoformers in the nation. They have over 275,000 sq. ft. under roof and build parts for a wide range of industries including kitchen and bath, medical, automotive, marine, industrial, and many more. Building...
  • Robinson Industries Inc

    Reusable Plastic Packaging
    Plastic Industrial Packaging: For centuries, dunnage and industrial storage and packaging came in two materials: wood for pallets and crates, largely used once and discarded; and steel for longer-lasting racks, baskets and bins. The raw materials for building them have become more and more expensive. Making them is...
  • JP Plastics, Inc.

    Custom Plastic Thermoforming
    Thin-Guage Thermoforming: At J.P. Plastics we most commonly work with thin material, i.e material less than .055” in thickness. In the Thin Gauge thermoforming process, a thin sheet of plastic is formed to a machined aluminum mold through heat and pressure. Thin gauge thermoforming has been our specialty for 60 years.
  • Industrial Custom Products

    Industrial Custom Products Since 1955, ICP has grown to become an award-winning leader in prototyping, developing, and manufacturing high-quality plastic and flexible products. The foundation of our company is our absolute unyielding commitment to high-quality work and on-time delivery. Our...
  • Redline Plastics

    Established in 1922… Redline Plastics Core Competencies Are: Vacuum Forming Rotational Molding Line Bending 5-Axis CNC Trimming Current Industries: Powersports Marine Farm & Ag Fluid Tanks Commercial Utility Box Shrouds Construction Redline Plastics Advantage… We pride...
  • Princeton Case West Inc

    Princeton Case West Co. has been a leader in high-quality molded carrying cases since 1964. The company offers a full line of thermoformed, blow-molded, watertight, and road cases. This extensive product line provides a wide choice of standard case sizes available with custom foam inserts.
  • Anchor Packaging

    MicroRaves, Culinary Classics, Microlite: Polypropylene takeout containers. Heat-tolerant to 230F. Microwave safe, dishwasher-safe. Reusable, Recyclable.
  • Cam Packaging

    Cam Packaging is now AIB certified and soon to be SQFI certified! Let Cam help you with all of your forming needs. We do custom forming. There is alot going on at Cam Packaging.....we have added equipment to do sample runs, market test and large production runs. Our machinery is...
  • J-Pac Medical

    J-Pac reduces medical device OEM costs and improves supply dependability through “one-touch” outsourcing for assembly, packaging and in-house sterilization of single-use medical devices. We manage component suppliers and inventory while ensuring compliance to ISO:13485 quality system. Our...