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About JP Plastics, Inc.

J.P. Plastics, Inc. was founded in 1957 to serve industry need for quality, custom thermoforming. For over sixty years, J.P. Plastics has been a leader in thingauge-thermoformed packaging products.

Products by JP Plastics, Inc.

By JP Plastics, Inc.

Thin-Guage Thermoforming At J.P. Plastics we most commonly work with thin material, i.e material less than .055” in thickness. In the Thin Gauge thermoforming process, a thin sheet of plastic is formed to a machined aluminum mold through heat and pressure. Thin gauge thermoforming has been our specialty for 60 years. Read more »

By JP Plastics, Inc.

Vacuum Forming Falls under the thermoforming umbrella. The process is the same in that a hard sheet of plastic is heated and then vacuum pressure is applied between the mold surface and the plastic sheet. Capable of producing both thin and heavy gauge products. Materials used for this process include: PVC,... Read more »

By JP Plastics, Inc.

Molds & Tooling Our engineers produce sample molds made from wood and production molds made from machined aluminum. Customers may also provide their own molds if the dimensions fit our requirements. Wood Pattern: A mold formed from wood that is used during the initial stages of product development. The wood... Read more »