Pollution Control Products Co.

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2677 Freewood Drive
Dallas, TX 75220-2510
About Pollution Control Products Co.
  • Pollution Control Products Co. developed the first fully contained, environmentally safe Pyrolytic Cleaning Furnace for the Plastics, Chemical and Fiber industries. Designed by a polymer chemist, their patented Controlled Pyrolysis® process removes polymers and other organic materials from metal parts by pyrolysis – the chemical breakdown of organic materials by the action of heat. Polymers, coatings, paints, epoxies, grease and other organic materials are vaporized into gases and vapors - pyrolysized. The resulting emissions generated during the pyrolysis process are drawn through an afterburner destroying the VOC's and eliminating any odor, leaving only odorless, harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide to exit out the exhaust stack. Automatic controls regulate temperatures which, along with water injection, prevents any damage to parts. Controlled Pyrolysis® cleaning furnaces eliminate open burning, acids, strippers and solvents, and the costly and often dangerous handling and disposal of spent stripping materials.
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Products by Pollution Control Products Co.
  • InertGas™ Models

    For parts with up to 50% combustibles. Maximum 900ºF, 482ºC The ultimate in safety...Pollution Control’s patented InertGas™ models can handle any combustible that can legally be removed with heat, even space-age engineered plastics. Our InertGas™ ovens expand the Controlled Pyrolysis®... Read more
  • Controlled Pyrolysis® Models

    For parts with up to 15% combustibles. Maximum 800ºF, 427ºC Controlled Pyrolysis® models can remove the same combustible materials as Dry Cleaner models but in greater quantities, 2 to 15% by weight. These models have a much more sensitive control system, (covered by U.S. Patent 4,270,898)... Read more
  • RateControlled™ Models

    For parts with up to 25% combustibles. Maximum 800ºF, 427ºC Now you can strip parts with greater loads of combustibles... even transformers. RateControlled™ models combine all the features of Controlled Pyrolysis® with a more advanced system to detect overheating when it just starts to... Read more