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About RapidPurge
  • In 1979 RapidPurge developed and introduced the first purging compounds in the North American market. Since then its products have been the technology leader in the field.

    RapidPurge is used world-wide for saving tear-downs, extending production time, and reducing scrap.

    RapidPurge purging compounds are universally applicable to all thermoplastic resins and processes. We offer a full spectrum of purging compounds from performance-optimized chemical formulations to cost-sensitive mechanical solutions. Each of our grades have been specially formulated to suit the needs for specific results.

    Our purging solutions are designed for easy use and consistent success every time. Our products are available in pre-mix or concentrated form, each of which targets your priorities for performance, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. All grades can be used in injection, extrusion, and blow molding applications.

    All products are proudly made in the USA!
Competitors of RapidPurge
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Products by RapidPurge
  • RapidPurge Chemical Purging Compounds

    Our chemical purging compounds are specially formulated to address high degradation, difficult color changeovers, and challenging resident residue issues. Our compounds penetrate layer by layer to deep clean down to the bare metal. These products are non-abrasive and can be used to clean... Read more
  • RapidPurge Mechanical Purging Compounds

    RapidPurge Mechanical purging compounds are the competitive choice for general purpose purging applications providing quick cleaning, scrubbing, and polishing of injection, extrusion machinery and blow molding equipment. Our mechanical grades are available with different PE base resins to match... Read more
  • RapidPurge FDA/GRAS Chemical Grades

    RapidPurge has expanded its product line to include a non-ammonia, non-foaming chemical/mechanical purging compound for medical and food purging applications. This new generation of purging, comprised of FDA/GRAS materials, offers both chemical and mechanical properties for effective purging of... Read more