RGL Sales and Marketing Inc.

P.O. Box 1503
Noblesville, IN 46061-1503

About RGL Sales and Marketing Inc.

Distributing Clean Plast purging compounds, RJG cavity pressures and monitoring equipment, Riverdale colorants and additives, Budzar Chillers and Towers, Barr Engineering screw designs, Precision Feedscrew screw tips, screws, and barrels, Price Driscoll mold care sprays and process aids, and Brownlee tips and check assemblies.

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Products by RGL Sales and Marketing Inc.

By RGL Sales and Marketing Inc.

Clean Plast is a newly developed ready-to-use purging compound in pellet form that will minimize your purging problems! Clean Plast has been put through vigorous tests and has been reformulated time and time again, to continuously improve and perfect product performance. We believe we have the... Read more »

By RGL Sales and Marketing Inc.

While other companies sell individual pieces, RJG is the only company that supplies you with comprehensive systems, a processing strategy, in-depth training and constant professional support. All of RJG's processing tools are built on scientific molding principles and molding from the... Read more »

By RGL Sales and Marketing Inc.

Riverdale Color is a supplier of liquid colorants, additives and compounds to the plastics industry. The company was formed in 1985 by the principals who purchased the business, inventory and assets from Grestco Dyes and Chemicals. The company has been doing business in chemicals since... Read more »

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