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Products by R. E. Carroll, Inc.
  • Calcium Stearate PTS-II

    NSF Certified Application Information: Acid Scavenger, Internal Lubricant,and Slip Agent for Plastics. Rigid PVC, accelerates fusion, improves flow and reduces die swell. Personal Care and Pharmaceutical applications include tablet mold release, anti-tack agent and gelling... Read More
  • Hydrobrite 1000

    are added to crystalline polystyrene (PS), high impact polystyrene (HIPS), polyolefins, thermoplastic elastomers, and various other polymers to improve and control the melt flow rate of the finished polymer. Hydrobrite plastics oils are also employed as internal lubricants and/or external... Read More
  • Kitechem CPE 135A

    Impact Modifier for PVC and ABS, suitable for PVC Window profiles, fence, board and plate. Description: Highest molecular weight, narrow molecular weight distribution, and good mechanical properties, widely used for rigid and semi-soft PVC products Read More
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