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  • Roscom Inc.

    Leader in Manufacturing Custom PVC Compounds
    Rating: 5 - 16 reviews
    Roscom manufactures a wide range of flexible and rigid PVC compounds, specialty blends, custom formulations, master batches, and highly regulated material. We offer our clients with high quality compounds at competitive pricing. Roscoms PVC compounds are used in a variety of injection molding...
  • Rotuba

    Plastics Compounding Derived from Premium Natural Materials
    Rotuba is the largest independent global custom compounder of Cellulosics – a wood based polymer derived from renewable and sustainable resources. Our Cellulosics are well suited for injection molding and extrusion applications. "Cotton and Wood Makes it Good" Rotuba Cellulosics - The...
  • Purge Right - Plastic Solutions International, LLC

    Purging Compound Solutions & Clear Purging Compound | Purge Right
    Rating: 5 - 4 reviews
    The producer of Purge Right™ purging compounds. Here at Plastic Solutions International LLC. our fundamental objective is to provide our customers with the most effective purging compounds on the market today. With our competitive pricing and excellent products we can help your company become...
  • Plastics General, Inc.

    Distributor of all resins & buyer of any thermoplastic resins
    Commodity and Engineering Resins: We stock PPS, Valox, Lexan, Celcon, Delrin, and more.
  • Amco Polymers

    Top Plastic Resin Manufacturer & Distributor
    Resin Manufacturer and Distributor: Visit our website and use our Product Finder to search and filter your results by any resin type, manufacturer, brand, grade, processing type or auto OEM.
  • Pyrograf Products Inc.

    Pyrograf®-III Carbon Nanofiber Stacked-Cup Carbon Nanotubes
    Pyrograf Products, Inc. (PPI) is one of the leading producers of carbon nanofibers worldwide PPI focuses on manufacturing high-quality, low-cost carbon nanofibers utilizing the proprietary and patented vapor grown carbon fiber (VGCF) process. Pyrograf-III, developed Applied Sciences, Inc....
  • Thermal-Tech Systems

    Your Problem Is Our Business
    Hot Runner Rebuild and manifold cleaning services with supporting products. We provide the plastics industry with the largest selection of products and services, ranging from aerosol and absorbent products to the complete heating loop and control parts selection.
  • Blackrock Plastics, LLC

    Recycling All Your Plastic Needs
    Industrial Plastic Materials For Recycling, Sales, & Purchase: At Blackrock Plastics we strive to be “The Choice” when it comes to industrial plastic scrap recycling, purchasing, and sales solutions in the United States. The following is a list of our most commonly handled plastic materials. If you possess excess scrap plastic or are in need of a plastic...
  • TradePro Inc.

    Global Plastics Recycling
    Engineering Grades: - PC is characterized by excellent impact strength, glass-like transparency, and high dimensional stability. Additionally, PC has heat resistance, superb electrical properties, intrinsic flame-retardancy, low water absorption, and high dimensional accuracy out of the mold. Long-term...
  • US Plastics Recovery

    Industrial Recycling, Plastic Grinding & Media Destruction
    USPR services industrial polymer processors with scrap purchasing, toll processing, and regrind sales. Quality at USPR is high and constantly improving due to qualified leadership, trained operators, best-in-class real-time shop systems, six-sigma derived processes, and well maintained...