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About Bamberger Amco Polymers

Amco Polymers is a fast, flexible company with an entrepreneurial attitude backed by the largest polymer distribution company in the world.

Amco Polymers was founded in 1955 with a philosophy based on helping customers find solutions to problems and a commitment to continuous improvement and service. From that philosophy, Amco has continued to grow and add diverse services and product offerings unlike any other plastics supplier in the industry. Amco understands that speed is essential in today’s competitive marketplace.

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By Bamberger Amco Polymers

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By Bamberger Amco Polymers

Compounding can be defined as enhancement of polymer properties by addition of extra ingredients, such as glass fiber, talc, stabilizers, colors and other additives, during the extrusion process. Ravago Manufacturing has a unique array of facilities, types of equipment, and technology platforms... Read more »

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