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  • A(S) type spring operated shut-off nozzles

    The A or S type shut-off nozzle is the world's most widely used shut-off nozzle. This original Herzog® design has stood the test of time and this reliable unit still remains the most economical on the market today. Many have tried to copy it, but why settle for an imitation when you can have... Read More
  • BHP powered bolt shut off nozzles

    With the BHP shut-off nozzle type, Herzog® has realized a straight through, single channel design which reduces pressure drop substantially. Shearing of the material is also reduced due to direct melt flow and with the traditional, secure shut-off provided by Herzog® nozzles you can reduce cycle... Read More
  • Elastomer shut-off nozzles

    The Herzog® LSR nozzle type E is specifically designed for elastomer applications. It has a unique cooling system which ensures that the material remains in fluid form right up until the mold interface. There are multiple fields of LSR applications and is rising in importance. LSR molded parts... Read More

    Filter nozzles are being increasingly used for processing thermoplastics in injection moulding machines. Clean melts, free of foreign particles, are absolutely necessary for the trouble-free and economic production of injection moulded articles. For the injection moulding of plastics, Herzog AG... Read More

    The gas searches the easiest way through the soft core of the injected part and displaces the mass until the cavity is filled out. Since the initial attempts with Gas / Water injection technology, the company Herzog AG has successfully set itself apart with gas introduction components... Read More

    Gas injection technology With gas injection technology, gas is injected into the plastic melt at the end of the injecting process. The injected gas displaces the melt on the inside thus resulting in a cavity being formed. Short shot, cavity is partially filled with plastic melt. The... Read More
  • HP powered pin shut off nozzles

    The Herzog® HP type nozzle is the best performing pin shut-off nozzle on the market today. The assembly integrated actuator (pneumatically or hydraulically activated) controls a nozzle-axis positioned needle via a lever mechanism. The melt flow is therefore process dependently separated at the... Read More

    The range of applications for dosing valves are mainly in the extrusion area. With this specific valve different additives and auxiliary materials can be purposefully inoculated into the plastic at a defined place. Both solid and fluidic materials can be added. The connection dimensions are... Read More

    Static mixers are being increasingly employed for processing thermoplastics. Perfect melt homogeneity (temperature, coloring) is one of the most important conditions for the production of faultless injection molded articles. The mixer homogenizes the melt by exponential layer formation, by... Read More

    The spring actuated machine needle shut-off nozzles type SHP are used in processing of thermoplastics, principally with low viscosity materials such as: PA, PPS, PE, POM, PP. Finds application in: Packaging, automobile and leisure industries, medicinal and electronic equipment. Operation:... Read More

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