TradePro Inc.

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1810 NE 144 Street
Miami, FL 33181
About TradePro Inc.
  • Who We Are
    Tradepro Inc., established in 1989, is a long-trusted and reliable plastics recycler and supplier of plastic raw materials. We manage every aspect of the process for our clients, making the choice to go green easy, convenient, and cost-effective for companies of all sizes.

    With almost three decades of experience and an annual turnover exceeding 50,000 metric tons of material, we specialize in recycling, sales, and shipping of plastic raw materials. Our corporation has global offices in the United States, Colombia, and Chile to serve the international market. There, our in-house logistic and accounting departments handle all aspects with their thorough and expert knowledge of international plastics trading.

    "Honest, reliable business is the only way to build partnerships.”

    AQSIQ licensed and we coordinate CCIC inspections and remit your certificates
    Members of SPI (Society of Plastic Industry) since 2010
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Products by TradePro Inc.
  • PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

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  • PE(Polyethylene)

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