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  • Ethylene Bis-Stearamide: PALMOWAX EBS

    Abbreviation: EBS Application: Plastic compounding Plastic masterbatch Wood and polymer composite Synthetic rubber Synthetic fiber Function: As internal & external lubricants in many thermoplastic & thermoset plastics As dispersant for the color pigments & filler masterbatch of polyolefin,... Read More
  • Ethylene Bis-Oleamide: PALMOWAX EBO

    Abbreviation: EBO Application: Plastic compounding Plastic masterbatch Function: As anti-caking agent & mould release aids for PE, PP & PA As anti-blocking agent & slip agent of EVA & PVC As internal & external lubricants for thermoplastic & thermoset plastic As dispersing agent for the... Read More
  • Pentaerythritol Tetrastearate: PALMESTER 3976

    Abbreviation: PETS Application: Plastic compounding Function: As strong release agent, typically used in PC & ABS polymers, but also in PET, PA and other plastics Advantage: Does not affect the clarity in extrusion processes for plastic articles Plastic articles remain transparent &... Read More

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  • Polymer Additives by KLK OLEO By

    Manufactured from sustainable certified facilities, KLK OLEO offers renewable-sourced ingredients that are used in plastic products as raw materials and to impart wide-ranging benefits, from process optimisation to improved part performance. Read more
  • Green Solution for Plastic Industries By

    KLK OLEO is one of the world’s leading oleochemical producers that is committed to delivering excellence in the global marketplace. We are committed to protecting all its resources and incorporating environmentally friendly methods into its practices policies. Download this brochure to explore... Read more