Injection Blow Molding (66 companies found)

The companies in this category specialize in blow molding and injection blow molding manufacturing. Some of their capabilities include: PET bottle injection blow molding; package design engineering and manufacturing; molding plastic parts including caps and closures out of HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PP, and others; PET plastic materials blender and loader systems; and, more. Click on the links to learn more about the blow molding/injection blow molding products and capabilities offered by these companies, visit their websites, or to contact them by phone or email.

  • K&G Machinery Works Ltd

    Fast and Reliable Service For Your Project
    K&G Machinery Works Ltd. has a many products and services to meet the needs of a variety of manufacturing and packaging companies. At K&G Machinery we have a full service machine shop consisting of both conventional and CNC equipment to service your custom machining and repair requirements. We...
  • REPI

    Colour Explorers
    REPI was founded in 1973 as a result of the insight and inspiration of the founder and his family to develop and produce colours and additives in liquid form for plastics. Research, experimentation and dedication together with a forward-looking vision enabled the company to become one of the...
  • Purge Right - Plastic Solutions International, LLC

    Purging Compound Solutions & Clear Purging Compound | Purge Right
    Rating: 5 - 4 reviews
    The producer of Purge Rightâ„¢ purging compounds. Here at Plastic Solutions International LLC. our fundamental objective is to provide our customers with the most effective purging compounds on the market today. With our competitive pricing and excellent products we can help your company become...
  • Sattler Plastics Co.

    Plastic Recycling Since 1965
    Sattler Plastics Company, based in Chicago, specializes in post-industrial plastic recycling. Our main specialty is in the purchase and resale of plastic materials in the secondary market. Family owned and managed since 1965, our experienced team of sales professionals is familiar with both the...
  • Reiloy USA

    Reiloy USA manufactures bimetallic barrels from centrifugally cast barrel blanks using specialized alloy powders for high wear applications. We are also an injection and extrusion screw provider for the plastics industry with full engineering and technical resources. Reiloy, a division of...
  • Reliance Products LP

  • Thermoplay S.p.A.

    Hot runners for injection blow molding: In the most common applications the injection system is made up of an unbalanced manifold with the nozzles threaded on it . The nozzles are often free flow and they are heated by the heat transferred by conduction from the manifold. The new Thermoplay design is made up of a manifold with...
  • Confer Plastics Inc.

    Large part blow molding. Parts weighing 1 to 75 pounds. Services include design, assembly, fixture-making and drop shipping.
  • Den Hartog Industries, Inc.

    Den Hartog Industries, Inc. operates four manufacturing divisions including Rotational Molding, Blow Molding, Injection Molding, and Metal Fabrication. Custom and proprietary products that serve the agricultural, industrial, medical, marine, and consumer markets are manufactured at the Hospers,...
  • Drug Plastics & Glass

    At Drug Plastics, we make HDPE bottles, PET bottles, and plastic closures for medicinal, wellness, and lifestyle products. We focus our entire team on understanding the packaging needs and challenges facing the healthcare market. This allows us to service producers of prescription drugs,...