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  • Additives for Thermoplastics

    IMPROVING THE PROCESS PERFORMANCE REPI process aid additives help improve the customer’s process efficiency by allowing for fewer scraps, lower energy consumption and higher machine productivity. The result is an overall economic cost savings and therefore a more competitive final... Read More
  • Anti Yellow Additives for thermoplastics

    The use of recycled PET for the production of preforms and sheets is increasing and taking an ever larger share of the market. REMAP Anti Yellow (AY) additives increase R-PET aesthetics, restoring the look of virgin material. KEY FEATURES • Reduce the yellow index (b value of CIELab... Read More
  • Blowing additives for thermoplastics

    REMAP BA additives have been specifically designed to give enhanced characteristics during the blow moulding process. The different formulations allow the PET preform to be homogeneously reheated, due to better infrared absorption. These additives provide lower blowing energy costs and reduced... Read More
  • CP1 Dosing Unit

    The liquid is metered from the drum directly into the mixing head, thus avoiding mass colouration of the polyol and considerably reducing colour change and tank cleaning times. In case of mixing heads which do not include a dosing system, REPI can adapt the head accordingly. Read More
  • Dosing Unit U2011

    The u2011 dosing unit family is the latest development among the REPI electronically controlled dosing systems for thermoplastic applications. Suitable for injection moulding machines as well as extruders, it is normally fitted with gear pumps ranging from 0,06cc to 10cc. (other sizes... Read More
  • Light Meter

    Most beverages need special protection from visible light, in order to maintain their sensorial and nutritional characteristics. in food packaging applications, such protection is often obtained by using colours, which are dosed at different addition rates. One of the best ways to ensure that... Read More
  • Liquid Additives for Polyurethanes

    REPI liquid additives for polyurethanes are often used to enhance the aesthetical characteristics, especially covering possible inhomogeneities of the material. Additives are as well used as performance and protection aids, for example to improve heat resistance, to reduce oxidation and to... Read More
  • Liquid colours for plastic packaging

    Advanced packaging solutions are becoming today as important as the product itself. The packaging must not only fulfil international requirements in terms of safety, content preservation and hygiene, but packaging aesthetics can crucially contribute to the appeal of the product and strongly... Read More
  • Process Aid additives for thermoplastics

    REMAP Process Aid (PA) additives allow for process enhancement, better preform quality and storage optimisation. KEY FEATURES • Improve process productivity • Enhance process parameters stability • Optimise preform storage (+5-10%) • Reduce static charge • Reduce scratches • Low... Read More
  • UV Absorbers for thermoplastics

    UV radiation is one of the causes of alteration in taste, smell, colour and biological characteristics of products packed in PET. Many products contain light sensitive ingredients and PET alone cannot protect them from degradation. Several grades of REMAP UV ABSORBERS are available to cover the... Read More
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