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  • Operational Qualification

    We have ten moulding machines in our workshop to perform the Operational Qualification. However, our new Customer Service Centre features a number of validation cells that allow you to install your machine at our premises and perform the OQ on site. Based on the First Off Inspection Report... Read More
  • Performance Qualification

    The qualification process is completed with the Performance Qualification (PQ) at your own location. After our meticulous qualification process, this comes down to an extensive yet simple check of the selected final process settings. This saves the time and money involved with shipping the mould... Read More
  • Remote validation

    From the very first runs of the tool to the factory acceptance test. You are welcome in our workshop in the Netherlands for any stage of the validation process. To make this easier and more convenient than ever, IGS introduced ‘remote validation’. Remote validation allows you to attend... Read More

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  • Design for Manufacturing: Why, how and when? By

    Minimized risks, increased production speed and a lower cost price. A toolmaker’s Design for Manufacturing (DFM) expertise can have a large impact on your production process. But what is the most effective way to collaborate with a toolmaker? What kind of design changes can you expect and how... Read more

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