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Plastic Container Manufacturer

500 Industrial Park Drive
Portland, IN 47371

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About Priority Plastics

Priority Plastics provides companies with high-quality rigid plastic packaging solutions that leverage their products in a competitive marketplace. It’s our promise to deliver our absolute best through quality, timeliness, relationships and sustainability.

Our areas of focus include:
• Tight Head Containers for industrial packaging to include agricultural/chemical, epoxy, high purity chemicals, lawn and garden, concentrates, syrups, and more.
• Clear PET & PVC Containers for food, snacks, hardware, novelties.
• HDPE Canisters for nutrition, powders, supplements, cannabis/hemp.
• Dry Pack Towel Wipes - Slitting, perforating towels/wipes, capping, induction sealing, labeling, packing and shipping.

Products by Priority Plastics

By Priority Plastics

PriorityPour Tight Heads for Industrial Packaging Priority Plastics tight head containers are built for the important responsibility of keeping the contents they carry secure, so those who handle them are able to safely and confidently focus on getting the job done. Tight head containers are the preferred packaging solution for a wide variety... Read more »

By Priority Plastics

PET Containers With 40-years of experience, Priority Plastics is the premier manufacturer of extrusion blow mold PET (polyethylene terephthalate) containers. You can find them in the candy, jerky, snacks, pretzels, popcorn and pet food industries, as well as hardware, crafts and novelties. PET is an excellent... Read more »

By Priority Plastics

PVC Containers PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is an excellent choice for manufacturing strong yet light weight, durable and cost effective containers for your product. PVC is the second most produced thermoplastic in the world largely because it is the most versatile of thermoplastics, giving packaging companies... Read more »