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  • FORMIGA P 110 Velocis

    The compact and reliable FORMIGA P 110 Velocis system for industrial 3D printing with plastics is known for its outstanding part quality. It is very productive and requires only little floor space. • A build rate of 1.2 I/h with a packing density of 5% • Series Production of small to... Read More

    The reputable FORMIGA P 110 FDR system is now operating with a one-of-a-kind fine laser beam. This creates extremely stable, delicate parts and ultra-smooth surfaces which enables new fields of application. • One-of-a-kind fine laser beam • Produce filigree parts and ultra-smooth surfaces to... Read More
  • EOS P 396

    The EOS P 396 is a 3D printer in the medium build volume range for plastic additive manufacturing. A highly productive system integratable into IIoT environments. • Build rate of 3 I/h with a packing density of 5% • Widest portfolio of materials on the market • Most homogeneous part properties... Read More

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  • Advanced Polymers for Additive Manufacturing Featuring Higher Recyclability By

    Advanced Laser Materials, LLC (ALM) has developed a new base polyamide material for laser sintering (LS). This new material is stabilized against the typical degradation LS nylons experience when exposed to the long duration high temperatures in the build area. Read more
  • EvoBus - Additive Manufacturing is a Core Element of Sustainable Spare Parts Management By

    EvoBus GmbH, a subsidiary of the Daimler Group, is one of the leading manufacturers in the global omnibus segment. In order to continue expanding its pioneering role in times of increasing competitive pressure, EvoBus is pursuing two strategic aims: sustainably increase its profitability and... Read more
  • If You Race, You Need to Stay Cool By

    Racers must keep a cool head - their cars should not overheat either. This applies equally to racing cars with combustion engines and electric motors. The difference: in fuel-fired racers the engine has to be tempered, in electric vehicles this must be considered in particular for the... Read more

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