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About Chem-Trend

At Chem-Trend, we are not simply a supplier. We are a visionary, working alongside you to create solutions that help you today, while forging the way to the future. It starts with our people, who begin each day focused on your business, your challenge, and your success.
It starts with you: your goals, your challenges, your possibilities. Through collaboration and innovation, we use a combination of industry-leading products and custom solutions to give you a competitive advantage immediately, all while providing a sustainable and successful path forward.

Helping customers in nearly every sector of manufacturing, we have built a remarkable presence throughout the world. This provides local support and development close to home, while allowing for deployment to local manufacturing sites.

We want to do more than elevate your process. We want to help improve your entire business.

We specialize in:

- Composite Molding
- Die Casting
- Foundry
- Friction Products
- Paper Impregnation
- Polyurethane Molding
- Rubber Molding
- Thermoplastic Processing
- Tire Curing / Vulcanization
- Tire Retreading
- Tool Maintenance / Mold Making
- Veneer Stone / Architectural Concrete
- Wood Based Panels / Panel Pressing

Products by Chem-Trend

By Chem-Trend

Purge Compounds for Thermoplastics

Residue inevitably builds up after color and material changes. This often leads to frustrating production challenges for operators who use traditional methods to clean their thermoplastic processing equipment. These issues affect a variety of applications such as injection molding, extrusion,... Read more »

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By Chem-Trend

From anti-squeak products for polyurethane molding, to ladle coats for die casting operations, to pin lubricants for thermoplastics processing operations and more, Chem-Trend® ancillary products are developed to address your challenges. Read more »

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By Chem-Trend

Chem-Trend® bladder coatings protect tire curing bladders against chemical and abrasive attack during their service life, leading to significantly extended bladder life. Read more »

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