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About Fortune International Technology, LLC

Fortune International Technology is a "best in class" additive and raw material distributor for the plastics industry. We carry a full portfolio of anti oxidants, stearates, UV/HALS stabilizers and powder waxes for plastic concentrates, liquid color, compounding and master batch.

We maintain large inventories in regional stocking warehouses in Chicago and Los Angeles which are conveniently located to supply your orders within 1 or 2 days.

We also represent Hockmeyer Equipment Corporation for basket mills and particle reduction mills for liquid colorants. For the finest, most efficient processing equipment - call on us.

Find your FORTUNE in raw material savings with Fortune International Technology.

Products by Fortune International Technology, LLC

By Fortune International Technology, LLC

Solvent Dyes High purity and high strength solvent dyes for plastics, engineering resins and specialty applications – we have them. Most have FDA approval and you can find they have application in a wide variety of polymers. Super transparent with excellent solubility – we know you will find these solvent... Read more »

By Fortune International Technology, LLC

Performance Anti-Oxidants Anti-Oxidants for plastics and powder coating offer excellent oxidation resistance at an exceptional price. Our portfolio of Hindered Phenols and Tris Phospahates – both as stand-alone products or blends offer you wide formulating flexibility with great thermal stability. Always in stock and... Read more »

By Fortune International Technology, LLC

We carry a full portfolio of Stearates for lubricity and mold release. ZINC, Manganese and Calcium - all commonly used for a wide variety of plastics resin and engineering polymers FIT- ZN- 2050 - Zinc Stearate FIT-CA-500 - Calcium Stearate FIT-MG-300 - Manganese Stearate Read more »

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