1/3/21- Plastics- TLB

Products by Fortune International Technology, LLC

  • Solvent Dyes

    High purity and high strength solvent dyes for plastics, engineering resins and specialty applications – we have them. Most have FDA approval and you can find they have application in a wide variety of polymers. Super transparent with excellent solubility – we know you will find these solvent... Read More
  • Performance Anti-Oxidants

    Anti-Oxidants for plastics and powder coating offer excellent oxidation resistance at an exceptional price. Our portfolio of Hindered Phenols and Tris Phospahates – both as stand-alone products or blends offer you wide formulating flexibility with great thermal stability. Always in stock and... Read More
  • Stearates

    We carry a full portfolio of Stearates for lubricity and mold release. ZINC, Manganese and Calcium - all commonly used for a wide variety of plastics resin and engineering polymers FIT- ZN- 2050 - Zinc Stearate FIT-CA-500 - Calcium Stearate FIT-MG-300 - Manganese Stearate Read More