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Products by FISA Corporation
  • Precision Nozzles for the Injection Molding Industry

    NH Series, NR Series, and AH Series nozzles are available from Fisa Corp. Fisa, an American company based in Shelbyville, Tennessee, is the marketing, distribution and service arm of a highly respected Japanese manufacturer of precision nozzles for the injection molding industry. Its PLAGATE... Read More
  • Hot Runner Systems

    If you are looking for hot runner systems that can deal with your immediate needs, contact us today. Read More
  • AH Series

    High Resin Flow, Low Sheer Stress The resin flow through the gate area is smoother, reducing molecular pressure and fragmentation of the resin, therefore, reducing sheer stress. Preventing the Backflow of Resin The piston is a specially shaped design which seals the gate precisely and prevents... Read More
White Papers by FISA Corporation
  • Keeping Your Injection Mold Tools in Optimum Condition By

    Summer is right around the corner and many plastic molders will have a summer shut down as a time for refreshing and recharging for most people. However, for the people that keep the tools running that make the plastic parts, this is the time to schedule tool repair, so the tools will operate... Read more