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  • Plastixs

    Increase Productivity with the Solution Experts!
    Oil Filters and Elements: Triple R filter elements remove particles down to 2μ, water and oxidation residues. Designed to cleanse industrial oils, removing everything from solid particles to water to sludge, varnish and oxidation residues all within a single element. Triple R housing is designed to accept oil under very...
  • Arlington Plastics Machinery

    We Buy and Sell Used Plastics Machinery and Equipment
    Arlington Plastics Machinery has 55,000 square feet of storage for used machinery, complete with a machine shop for repairs. We also have a large selection of all types of plastics, packaging, extruder, and chemical machinery. If you are looking for a special machine and we don't have it, we...
  • Acrison Inc.

    Dry Solids Metering & Handling Needs
    For more than 50 years, Acrison has maintained a leadership position in the application of unique and innovative technologies for dry solids metering and handling. Acrison’s user-driven approach to product development and equipment design is the guiding principle to its ongoing success and the...
  • Davis-Standard, LLC

    Where your ideas take shape.
    Davis-Standard is a global leader in the design, development and distribution of extrusion and converting technology. Our systems encompass over 11 product lines to support manufacturing applications and customers in a wide variety of industries, including automotive, building & construction,...
  • Advanced Blending Solutions, LLC

    Based in Wallace, MI, Advanced Blending Solutions (ABS) is a world class designer and supplier of material handling, blending, and controls for the plastics industry. With representatives throughout the country and world, ABS is a fast-growing company committed to providing the best products...
  • PSI - Polymer Systems, Inc.

    Fluoropolymer Gear Pump: PSI Fluoropolymer Gear Pumps (FGP) are engineered to meet the unique processing demands of fluorinated polymers, such as FEP, ETFE, PTFE, PFA, PVDF. Manufactured from a nickel-chromium superalloy, FGP gear pumps possess excellent mechanical strength at high temperatures and are highly resistant...
  • ECON North America

    ECON Continuous Screen Changer, ESK: ESK The continuous double-piston screen changer allows screens to be switched out during operation. •all thermoplastic materials can be processed •optimal design of the melt flow way - short melt residence time •low pressure build up - to prevent thermal variations of the melt •no dead...
  • Molders Choice, Inc.

    Molding Supplies and solutions featuring unique time & cost saving products. Machine Nozzle & Screw Tips, Barrels, Screws & heater Bands. Quick Change Mold Manifolds and fittings in stock. @4 Hour Service, 7 Days per Week.
  • Pall Corporation

    Pall Corporation is a global leader in high-tech filtration, separation, and purification, serving the diverse needs of customers across the broad spectrum of life sciences and industry.
  • Mahr Metering Systems Corp

    HIGH VISCOSITY - Platen Based Drum Pump: High Viscosity Metering Pumps MarFlow™ high viscosity precision gear pumps meter very thick products directly from the 5 gallon pail or 55 gallon drum. With Mahr's patented platen mounted gear pumps products up to 2,000,000cP are accurately and pulselessly metered directly to the mix head or...