Products by Md Plastics Incorporated
  • Posi-Melt™ Multipurpose Screw

    When a screw design is considered for a particular polymeric family, the rule-of-thumb has been; Amorphous screws process better with low compression designs, while Semi-Crystalline materials prefer high compression designs. Since Semi-Crystalline materials have a sharp melting point and are... Read More
  • Posi-Melt “MB-XLA” Barrier/Mixer Screw

    Our proprietary “MB” barrier forces the polymer between the barrier flight and the barrel ID for added extensional strain to assure complete melting. We can couple the “XLA” mixer to the Barrier for processing a variety of resin groups including PP, HDPE, LDPE, PS, PET, ABS and other groups... Read More
  • Posi-Melt “XLA” Mixing Screw

    In order to Add a higher degree of homogenization to the melt pool we developed a very effective distributive/dispersive mixer that works by forcing the polymer to change direction numerous times over a short axial distance and by Adding extensional strain to the Polymer by forcing the material... Read More
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