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  • viscoSHEET

    Quality and flexibility without compromise. Up to 100 % rPET and inhouse flakes processable at guaranteed iV-Levels for direct food contact. viscoSHEET ensures outstanding flexibility in production with lowest energy consumption. Up to 100% rPET, in-house waste, and virgin can be processed at... Read More
  • viscoSTAR

    Solid state polycondensation plant for iV increase and decontamination of polyester pellets and/or flakes to be used after a pelletizing extruder, stand alone, or in front of a production extruder. Read More
  • deCON

    Decontamination dryer for production of food grade flakes or skeleton waste directly in front of a production extruder. Read More
  • deCON 20

    The smart decontamination module designed to process different types of material even at the same time. The deCON 20 is designed to process different types of material at the same time, e.g. PCR pellets, PCR bottle flakes, or in-house skeleton waste. The material is predryed, dedusted, and... Read More
  • Coating line - lamiTEC

    The lamiTEC series represents a new version of the high-level coating and laminating line for endless tubular or flat fabric woven of PP or HDPE with additional substrates. Ideal for coated bags and fabric, technical fabric, and fabric laminated with printed PP film for packaging consumer... Read More
  • Recycling line - recoSTAR direct

    The recoSTAR direct has been specially designed for recycling medium and large quantities of heavy regrind materials (> 300 g/l) such as PE, PP, PS, PA and PC. From a feeding hopper, the material is transported directly into the extruder by a screw conveyor without being precut or compressed.... Read More
  • Mixing and dosing unit - graviTEC

    Not just a gravimetric mixing and dosing unit, a material supply system! All materials and controls are within arm’s reach of the operator as the unit doses, blends and transports the main material and up to five additives to the extruder hopper. Accurate dosing and a homogenous batch save raw... Read More
  • Extrusion tape lines - starEX 800S & 800ES

    starEX 800S: Extrusion tape line for PP or HDPE/LLDPE tapes, effective working width 800mm, production speed up to 420 m/min, melting capacity up to 330 kg/h. The main applications of the premium quality tapes are in woven bags, FIBC fabrics, geo- and agrotextiles, carpet backing, and various... Read More
  • Starlinger Odour Reduction Technology

    Starlinger recycling technology delivers innovative machinery solutions for the efficient recycling of a wide range of plastics. The recoSTAR recycling lines produce high-quality pellets from input materials such as films, PET flakes, fibers, PP raffia as well as non-woven materials. This... Read More
  • Starlinger: recycling line for bulky materials

    The recoSTAR universal is a recycling machine designed for processing plastics such as PE, PP, PS, PES, PET, PPS, or PLA. The line is equipped with a high-performance ACTIVE shredder, which makes it the machine of choice for bulky and hard-to-grind materials. Typical applications are: • solid... Read More
  • Starlinger: recycling line for hygroscopic materials

    Recycling line - recoSTAR dynamic The latest recycling technology for the processing of films, fibers, and washed post-consumer waste from materials such as PE, PP, PET / PES, PA, PLA, PS and PPS. Ecological, economical, energy-saving - these are the three keywords to describe the new recoSTAR... Read More
  • Starlinger: recycling line recoSTAR HDPE FG+

    The recoSTAR HDPE FG+ is designed specifically for the processing of hot-washed HDPE flakes for reuse in food-contact applications. The line is available in three machine sizes which cover an output range of 1,400 – 7,275 lbs./hr. Through Starlinger’s super-cleaning recycling process,... Read More
  • Starlinger: recoSTAR PET iV+ for food-contact

    Starlinger’s recycling line recoSTAR PET iV+ incorporates state-of-the-art Solid State Polycondensation for the IV increase of PET and PES pellets. After the Starlinger iV+ process, the crystalized pellets can be used as a substitute for virgin PET resin at up to 100%. In addition to being... Read More
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