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    CENTRIFUGE In order to densify or extrude the previously selected, ground and washed plastic materials, it is important to eliminate any residual humidity. This machine, with a high level of performance, works with pre-cut materials starting with the thinnest (15 microns). Residual humidity in... Read More
  • Comprex

    Recycling equipment from Costarelli USA, Inc. includes the company's Comprex machinery. The Comprex machine has the function of pressing the material to remove the water accumulated during washing. The machine consists of a welded steel frame covered with sheet stainless steel. The machine can... Read More
  • Conveyor Belts

    Costarelli USA, Inc. produces a wide range of recycling equipment, including conveyor belts capable of meeting diverse requirements. Their versatility and flexibility makes them suitable for easy handling and transfer of material, as well as the selection and storage of treated material. Read More

    DENSIFIER Costarelli presents its leading machine the Densifier, an important innovations designed to enhance performance and reduce risks in the work environment New geometry structure - lower and more compact, innovative systems for belt tensioning and water/air entry in the densifying... Read More

    GUILLOTINE It is used to reduce the dimension of the materials to be treated in the form of compressed bales, reels, sheets, blocks etc. It also simplifies the possible subsequent material separation and selection stages. It may work manually or automatically, predefining the length of the cut... Read More
  • Mill/Grinder

    Recycling equipment from Costarelli USA, Inc. includes the company's mills/grinders, which are used to reduce the size of incoming materials that can operate both in a dry environment and in water. The various requirements of further processing can be optimized using grids with different diameters. Read More
  • Shredder

    Recycling equipment from Costarelli USA, Inc. includes the company's shredder machinery for reducing the size of incoming material. The shredder can process the widest range of products with high productivity per hour and limited maintenance. Read More
  • Steam Cleaning System

    Recycling equipment from Costarelli USA, Inc. includes the company's steam cleaning system machinery. The steam cleaning system removes the pollutants present in a gaseous contaminated flow by contact with water. This operation is intended to encumber the existing solid particles and thus... Read More

    TANK The important separation process according to the differences in specific weight of different kinds of plastic materials and the aim to obtain the very best quality and homogeneity of the recycled product is guaranteed by this machine. Built entirely in stainless steel and with automatic... Read More

    TROMMEL The trammel is essentially used for the selection of materials according to particle size. Furthermore, in the water version it pre-washes the plastic. Suitable in both versions to open and distribute compressed bales of flasks and bottles or film. In the second case it is best to start... Read More

    TURBO WASH This machine is used during the pre-wash stage. It cleans rigid or flexible materials from previous separation stages. While it shakes the material, the powerful dynamic action of the water and rotor washes it and removes all polluting agents. This, during the final stage, favours... Read More

    WASHING MACHINE It is the ideal machine for processing of heavy materials. It allows for total cleaning of the materials introduced, regardless of whether they are pre-cut, ground or in one piece as in the case of bottles or flasks. Working in cycles it is possible to vary the duration of the... Read More
  • Water Decantation System

    Recycling equipment from Costarelli USA, Inc. includes the company's water decantation machinery for clarifying process water and removing all the particles in suspension. It consists of a collection tank in which two pumps are placed (one operating and one in stand-by) which convey the water... Read More

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